Putty Putin


Greatest putty ever made!
The only color you’ll ever need!
Fun for the whole family!

There is no need to be creative!
With these easy steps you can create your own putin.
All you need is some patience and good will!
Happy Putin’!

Instructions on how to make your Putin!



Finished Putin!


Fun for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

Armored Units

21. March

Here is a fast sketch done for one future project.It should consist of three futuristic looking armors.
This is the first one in a row.

Idea is to make those armors as low poly game assets and also ready for high quality render.

  • un_telo3
  • Advent3
  • Advent
  • Unknown4

IV: Intellectual Vice

WIP 3D sketches of unfinished project, actually, just an idea of project. It started as an idea for a comic or series of short animations and finally evolved to RPG-FPS hybrid game. We worked on story and best strategy to develop whole game by ourselves. We wanted to give our work for free so that meant we should work in our free time. After many hours spent on story line, sketches and learning UDK, we realized that this game will wait some better time…

Story by:

Dawngreeter (Marko Vujnovic)