Video was done based on story board provided.

Pill design was also done by FLATVOXEL.

Modeling and rendering was done in MODO and animation in Maya.
Post production done in After Effects.

IFPMA copyright text about this video

“Every day, fake medicines find their way into online and physical pharmacies, hospitals, and street markets. This plague knows no borders. In the best case scenario, fake medicines leave patients with no side-effects but also without a cure. In many other cases, however, they can kill people. We have to get smarter than the criminals to put a stop to this silent public health threat. This video stars a genuine pill who explains the danger of fake medicines and their impact on our societies. Patients, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, carers, regulators, and policy makers need to be on the lookout, and everybody needs to better understand the danger of fake medicines and how to stay safe. Please help us raise awareness on fake medicines by sharing this video, tweeting it, talking about it, and showing it to the people that you care about… and tell us what you think about it.”

Copyright: IFPMA

Link to their channel and this video

IFPMA website

Video done by FLATVOXEL and Whaleshark Studio.